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Unique Design

We create unique and appealing designs that will capture attention and set you apart from you competition.

PPC-Pay per click

Let us manage your PPC campaign to get the best return on your investment. Our team of ppc speacilists are ready to help with all of your ppc needs.

Internet Marketing and SEO

Premier Internet Marketing Services Harness the infinite power of the web. Be found on by potential clients searching for your service or products...

Software Development

Our software development team offers a large variety of IT services. Let us help you make your business run more efficiently with our custom...

Web Design | Development

From a large fortune five hundred company to small business we have the resources to build a high quality website that could be customized to your...

Mobile App Development

The most heavily used piece of technology used by everyday people are mobile devices such as iphones, ipads etc. We can develop the perfect application...

What We Do

Our team of developers create websites with design and functionality in mind, our most important task is to creat websites that are as usefull as possible to users. while we develop an idea for the websites we create we also think of how we will get people to come to the websites, because a website with no traffic is like having a retail store in the middle of the desert.

How We Do It

The first steps we take when we work with our clients we try to understand their business and what we can achieve. Then we brainstorm ideas on what we can do to achieve our goals as best as possible. we then take our final idea and have our designers create the first layout. We then take the finalized layout design and we have our programmers build it. We then see the final results and tweak them. but we are not done here after the site goes live we will test the usability and conversion of the site.

Why choose us

We know the value of your website being up and running at all times, You can count on us to be there to fix it as fast as possible.

Our Team of professionals takes quality to a whole other level. from start to finish our programers use the latest industry leading techniques.

Our company is driven by results. Every project we take on we try to achieve the best possible results as if it was our personal projects. nothing brings more excitement to our company than exceeding our customers goals.  


About Us

From website design and development to Internet marketing, Mouse Of Art experts are here to help you every single step of the way.
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New Jersey and New York Web Design Company

Mouse Of Art is a complete web design and development company in NJ. With our extremely talented website designers and programmers we will make your business stand out from the rest. With our years of experience and testing, our developers make sure you will be online at all times. From ecommerce sites to informational data driven web sites, we have what it takes to customize and tailor your new site to reflect exactly what you offer in a very easy to use and robust way. We do not believe in just making a web site and putting a bunch of products or information in it without taking the time to thinking about what the visitors to that site are looking for. We want every site to help every customer visiting it in order to turn those visitors into clients.

What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing your website in order to get the best possible real estate on Google. There are three parts to Google search results. One of them being Pay Per Clicks. Pay Per Clicks are paid listings on Google located at the top three search results and along the right side of the results page. The benefits of Pay Per Clicks is that you can rank for any keyword you desire but it can be expensive some PPC cost up to $10 per click. The second part is Places. Places are the results on Google that usually come in the form of a 7 pack which include all the local businesses that match your search terms. They are also located in the places link on Google. The last part is organic results, which are the ones that are clicked on the most. They are located after the three paid results. You may ask why aren’t the paid results the ones that are the most clicked on?
The public is now aware that the results in the paid areas have not earned their placement but instead the placements are paid for. The organic results are the ones that are clicked on the most because everyone knows these are the ones that have earned their way to the top of Google by being the best answer to the question you asked Google. By being on the first page of Google in the organic section, your business looks like it is almost recommended by Google, which is a huge plus for your business being that Google is the most trusted website, they are recommending your business to the be the one you should visit.

What we do to earn that real estate on goggle for you.

(1) An SEO specialist first researches your business or the topic you would like to rank for on Google and all major search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. The SEO would find great keywords with the most searches per month that are looking for your business or topic.
(2) Secondly, we would do a competitive analysis of all the competition you have and see what they are doing to get good ranking and traffic to their website.

(3) Finally, would then find the weakness of your competition and target that weakness to take a lead in the results on Google.

You are probably wondering what could be my competitions weakness? When we refer to weakness, we are talking about what your site is missing according to about 300 factors that go into Google’s decision on what site are the most appropriate results to the customers search.

(4) After that, we get our hands dirty by going into your site and fixing all the errors and optimizing every little bit of the site to earn Google’s trust; this is called on page optimization.

(5) We then work on a link building campaign. You might ask what in the world is a link building campaign? It is basically getting other sites to add a link that you can click on to go to your site. Google treats links like votes in an election; the more quality and relevant links you have to your website the more you increase your domain authority and page rank.
These are just few things out of many techniques that we do to increase you web presents.

Our Graphic designers are very skillful in creating one of a kind websites. We deliver high quality web design with Usability in mind, no one wants to loose potential customers because their website is too hard to understand or navigate through, with our Design team we accomplish an easy to navigate web designs with users in mind.

An important part of creating a successful online presence is making sure all the gears of your website are turning together, By this we mean the design, structure and all the architecture of your website must work together to create the best results for your audience. Our development team will assign the correct specialists for each area of the website. The Web developers will carefully watch over all the work that is being done on the website in order to make sure everything is seamless.

One of our specialties is crating a great place for retail businesses to sell products online. Our team of website specialists will create the best way to sell you products online with ease.